A Note from Father Peter

A Note from Father Peter

August 8

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A Note from our Facilities Manager Dear Parishioners,   So many volunteers do behind the scenes discipleship at our parish. Our discipleship of service happens whenever needed. But often since Wednesday is church night, after Mass it is also the time to start new projects, and do maintenance and ... Read More »

August 1

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A Note from our Music Director

Dear Parishioners,

I vividly remember sitting on my mother’s lap as a child in church and being thrilled at the sound of the organ. I wasn’t able to walk until I was 6 due to a congenital foot defect. The orthopedic surgeon who ... Read More »

July 25

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Transcript of a video message from Fr Peter

See the video here Holy Family near the monastery

"Hello there my dear St Joseph parishioners,

I was driving up the road toward the monastery and came across this beautiful little sanctuary to Jesus and Mary, and baby Jesus. So I thought I ... Read More »

July 18

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A Note from our Finance Council Chair

Dear St. Joseph Parishioners,

Father Peter asked a few of us to write a bulletin greeting to be published while he is on retreat. I am the Finance Chair for St. Joseph’s and I work with a really great Finance Committee. We ... Read More »

July 11

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A Note From Our Director of Faith Formation

Hello friends at Saint Joseph,

After Tom and I raised six children, supported by this wonderful parish, I was surprised and blessed to be asked to lead the efforts to pass on the faith to our youngest and most valuable parishioners ... Read More »

June 27

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Dear Saint Joseph Parishioners,

Have you noticed the beautiful Magnolia trees and their white flowers? When you look into the flower it's so beautiful. So intricate and detailed. In a way it helps to see God's hand in nature so to appreciate his hand inside of us. Be aware ... Read More »

June 20

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Dear Saint Joseph Parishioners and in particular our Fathers,

Happy Father’s Day.

There are no words spoken by Saint Joseph in the Gospels, but what beautiful conversations he must have had with Mary and Jesus. Perhaps there is something in this for us to think about. Dads, your conversations ... Read More »

June 13

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Dear Saint Joseph Parishioners,

We have begun ordinary time after a long period of focusing on specific aspects of Christ's life. Now we can turn our attention to Christ's life inside of us.

1. Am I praying well?

2. Can I find another time to be with Jesus during ... Read More »

June 6

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Dear St Joseph Parishioners,

We are celebrating the feast of Corpus Christi. How important it is to stop and reflect on this great gift. Think of how many times you have come up and heard these words, ‘The Body of Christ’. And your response, ‘Amen’ which means ‘I believe’. ... Read More »

May 30

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Dear Saint Joseph’s Parishioners,

Today is a really beautiful day and feast day, the Blessed Trinity. Here is what Saint Paul has to say about it: "In Him we live and move and have our being", at the Areopagus of Athens (Acts 17: 28). Pope Benedict XVI said :The ... Read More »