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February 7

Dear Saint Joseph Parishioners,

Greetings from NZ. I am sitting outside the residence where my Father passed away on Christmas day and the same place where my Mom lives. These days have gone by quickly and slowly at the same time. There is something very special about a residence where our older brothers and sisters live. There is a peace amidst the suffering. There is joy, although each one here will have stories of much suffering. Even though it is not a Catholic facility, you can feel the presence of God. I am very grateful for this time and for my brother legionaries who have kept the sacraments going at the parish. I know you are too!

This can be the theme for this Sunday’s bulletin: Gratitude. Simply saying ‘thank you’ frequently during the day. So I say to all of you: ”Thank you allowing me the grace of this time to be with my family”. Last Sunday, my last weekend here, I traveled to see my mother’s brother Mark, who is dying of cancer.

God Bless,

Fr. Peter