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May 16

Dear Saint Joseph Parishioners,

Today we are celebrating the Ascension, which, as Saint John Paul II said, “indicates the goal to which personal and universal history is hastening”, namely: heavenly glory. We are indeed bound for heaven, and the Ascension reminds us that our gaze is to be fixed on Christ in glory, even as we labor tirelessly for him in this present age.

Try to spend some time imaging this powerful event today as you go about ‘living with the Lord.’

Our prayers are with you as you continue to bring the Good News to everyone around you.

God bless you all,

Fr. Peter

We have a parishioner who lives on Perry Creek Road, near the intersection of Louisburg Road, who does not drive and would like to attend Mass. It does not matter to her which time she attends. If you can give her a ride, please contact Lorraine Kinney at 919-749-2713.