Healthy Student Policy


Healthy Student Policy 2020-2021


Helping Students Stay Healthy

Attendance policy:  Students are counted present when participating in class or from home. Lessons are emailed weekly to all students. Student who have any sign of illness should choose to learn from home.

Temperature check:  Temperatures are checked as students arrive (over 100.4 will not enter). Hand sanitizer will be available. Frequent hand washing is encouraged, and required after any possible contamination (use of bathroom, touching of nose, etc.)

Teacher absences:  Teachers also self-check for symptoms and call a substitute as needed. Assistant teachers and subs are available, and lessons will continue as usual.

Reporting of illness:  If a student or teacher receives a positive test for COVID-19 it should be reported to the DRE and to the pastor. Those who may have been in close contact with this person will be notified. Non-COVID-19 illness need not be reported.

Return after illness:  Non-COVID-19 symptoms – 24 hours and fever and symptom free without medication.                    COVID19 diagnosed – 10 days after start of symptoms AND 3 days fever and symptom free without medication.

Students who become ill:  Students who show signs of illness will be escorted from class to a safe place, offered a mask, and parents will immediately be called to pick up their child.


Our School is a Healthy Environment

Cutting- edge Technology DOAS Air Quality System:  Our HVAC system far exceeds current fresh air ventilation requirements. Dedicated Outside Air Systems improve air quality and provide for the dilution of viruses and germs.

Professional Cleaning: Our classroom building is thoroughly cleaned several times per week utilizing disinfectant and sanitizer FDA recommended for schools, restaurants, and public areas.

Social Distancing: Class enrollment has been kept low to ensure space to social distance (6 feet apart.) Multiple entrances are used to increase the ability to maintain this distance while entering and exiting.

Masks:  Masks will be worn occasionally when social distancing is not possible. Children 11 or older are asked to bring a mask that can be worn when necessary. The privacy of those with a disability that hinders them from wearing a mask will be respected.


Respect for Privacy

Illness Reports: Health information is confidential, and guidelines for privacy will be followed.                                                               

Social Media: All are asked to avoid the use of cell phones and social media in connection with our program.                                                      

News Media:  Our pastor, Father Peter, will be the contact person for any media questions or interviews. If you are approached by a reporter, please refrain from commenting and refer them to Father Peter.