Holy Infant Cemetery

Holy Infant Cemetery


Saint Joseph Catholic Church offers a unique and caring burial for babies who were miscarried or delivered up to 20 weeks old. A Birth Certificate must not have been issued. If it is requested that the Parish Priest or Deacon perform the service.

The Burial Garden is nestled in the pine cove on Saint Joseph Diocesan property. 


Even though the garden is on the property and is a very special part of Saint Joseph’s Parish they warmly invite other Raleigh Diocese Parishes to offer this burial to families who have suffered such a tender loss.

Saint Joseph’s also welcomes other families of Christian faith.

The garden is idyllically surrounded by a white picket fence and Saint Joseph’s Parish staff have committed to expand the burial garden beyond its current capacity if demand calls for such expansion.

Guarding these precious remains is an angel statue which stands tall at the head of the garden area. Leading to the angel from the entrance of the garden is a brick path and on either side of this path holds the site for the baby burials.

On each burial site is placed a tiny memorial marker commemorating this precious light in the eyes of the parents.

Information Details:

Fees (parishioner or non-parishioner):   $100.00

Includes:  burial site, wood box, Marker

Additional donation: Stipend  for priest

Contact:  Marissette Grant (Parish Secretary) at 919-231-6364 Tuesday to Friday AM