If you are visiting our parish for the first time, welcome! From the procession of altar servers, the aroma of incense, to the Memorare after Mass, we hope you find in our parish the sense of home and belonging that our families have come to love.

If you are considering becoming Catholic - You can discuss any questions, and learn about our faith in our weekly RCIA classes. Contact the office for details 919-231-6364

If you are coming back to the church - Say hello to our pastor today and consider scheduling a meeting with him. It may be as simple as returning to the Sacrament of Confession to come back into full communion with the church. You are welcome to join the RCIA class to ease your return to the church. That will also be the avenue for receiving the sacraments you may have missed such as First Communion or Confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do parishioners typically wear to church?

The church is quite cool year-round so you will be most comfortable in long pants for men and slacks or dresses for women. Parishioners often prefer to dress up a bit for Sunday Mass.


How do I find the church?

We are on the corner of Poole Road and Donald Ross Drive in Raleigh. Pull in either driveway, find a parking place, and follow the parishioners to the church in the center of the property. You may enter from either end of the church. GPS directions are good 2811 Poole Rd Raleigh NC

Click here for a map of our church campus St Joseph Campus map

Can I receive Communion?

The Catholic Church requires that a person be a Catholic in good standing to receive communion. However, all are welcome to follow the procession to the altar and receive a blessing with their arms crossed at their chest. If you are interested in preparing to receive communion please contact the office for details about our RCIA program.