Pastor's Corner

The dental supplies donated by Saint Joseph's are very apperciated in small poor villages in Honduras



Bishop Luis Zarama blessses the Way of Saint Joseph - See the Diocesan News

Bishop Luis Zarama blesses our new statue of St. Joseph

Visit with Msgr. Vince, 68 years a priest!

Today I was able to say Mass in my parents' parish on the Feast of the Visitation. You were all in my prayers.


More pics from NZ



Father Peter's visit with family in NZ


Burning Intentions from the Mission


Holy Week Mission




Construction of Saint Joseph's Way


Work on our Columbarium

A new home being built for our new St Joseph statue

Retreat for boys of St Joseph


Bishop David's funeral



The Legionaries of Christ Seminarians—The Priests of Tomorrow

click here  Priests of Tomorrow


Our new St Joseph statue which will be placed at the corner of Poole Road and Donald Ross


News and Observer finds a St Joseph parishioner at the March for Life


from all over North America for the first time in years...

Legionaries come home for Christmas to Cheshire


He has arrived


Everyone is waiting...

After concelebrating Mass with Cardinal Carlos Arretes

Old Basilica and chapel on top of Tepeyac hill

Carrying intentions to Our Lady on December 12


Pilgrimage Continues

Chapel of the 4th apparition  Inside the chapel at the top of OLG      

  On the grounds of the Basilica of OLG Crucifix that protected OLG from a bomb  

Returning to our puebla. Tens of thousands of pilgrims make it a very moving experience.

Fr Peter's Pilgrimage to Our Lady in Guadalupe Mexico




Hosting Thanksgiving dinner with Fr John for the NCSU students


Shells decorating Our Lady of Poole Road