Pastor's Corner

Parishioners working together on landscaping the columbarium and grounds



Exaltation of the Cross

Exaltation of the Cross. May we be united to Christ on our cross.

Sacred Heart Church in Whiteville - Fr Joshua's temporary parish



St Joseph Welcomes Many Neighbors  click here for pics

A full weekend...

Mass for the Igbo community, welcoming neighbors, and welcoming Father Luke



Visiting neighbors, another good day of mission


Nightime in our sanctuary and at Our Lady of Poole Road


Our first Spanish Mass


Outreach friends


Young families enjoying the playground.  Prayers at the Holy Family statue.


As the Church recognizes Natural Family Planning Week and the theme of “Called to the Joy of Love,” Bishop Luis Zarama shares his thoughts on the role of families in the Church.



Resources for NFP Awareness Week in the Diocese of Raleigh


Beautiful work on a beautiful campus


Beautiful morning at St. Joseph

At home, a visit from Fr DeGuzman, and repairs to our blessed mother


God provided a beautiful vacation for Fr Joshua and me




Repairs to Mary's shrine

Friends at Outreach Ministry


Visiting Duke University with the new chaplain Fr Juan Jose Hernandez LC



Legionary of Christ candidates to join the seminary this year

Please pray for them


Fr Mark praying for Mum after the rosary and before tomorrows Mass

Mum's funeral June 10 at 10:30

 Side Chapel at Holy Name Church my mother's funeral will be at this church


Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Mum passed away approximately 8am Ascension Sunday morning. I am presently at the Auckland airport waiting for my flight to Dunedin. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. Two photos. My brother Simon giving mum the sacrament of the sick. Second one mini golf with the family a few years ago.



Outreach Ministry 


Homeschool families gather to crown Mary


Check out the bulletin boards for important events

Pivotal Moments


Fr Peter's brother, Fr Simon, writes of a pivotal moment in their family -

"My brothers and I spent hours sorting through boxes of photos from my parents’ house. This one taken in 1986 captured a turning point. My brother Peter was finishing high school and was discerning the priesthood. My parents decided to visit the Legionaries in the United States and then to Rome. Providentially they greeted Pope John Paul II and my brother mentioned what he was praying about. I’m so happy he eventually said yes, as it became a source of blessings for me and for our whole family. What have been those pivotal moments in your life?"
- Fr Simon Devereux

Easter season at St. Joseph







Crowning of Mary for the Month of May


Our Church during these Holy Days


Getting ready for the Last Supper

The sun's rays coming into our church



Dear St. Joseph Parishioners,

I leave NZ and share this clip with you. Video Clip

Fr. Peter


Dear St. Joseph Parishioners,

I am looking forward to being back on April 4th. This has been an extraordinary grace for me and the whole family. Mum is a fighter and perhaps she knew this was her farewell gift to us. That her 7 sons would have this time. She is somewhat stable albeit a very low level of living. Beautiful to spend this time with her. I will forward along with this note a couple of video clips from a special tour of Natures Wonders very close to my home. Seals, pups, penguins...

See you all soon,

Fr. Peter

Natures Wonders - close to the Devereux home in NZ 



Dear St Joseph Parishioners, it was a great joy for me to hear that the Confirmations with Bishop Zarama went so well. I wanted to thank Fr Joshua for taking over from Fr Stephen during my absence. Be assured of my prayers. PS Today I am with my Mother’s only surviving sibling, Uncle Tony. He can’t travel to see her at this stage. This clip is from the far end of the harbor looking over to my city.

Fr Peter's visit to area churches in NZ



Update from Father Peter with pictures of dear Mum, Marie


Mum with our dear Msgr. John and Mum with one of her children Collette, who lives in Australia


Father Peter with his family in NZ

Fr Peter's first parish - St. Mary's ~ Family members by Dad's grave ~ With my brother Fr Simon visiting Mum ~ Sunrise from where I'm staying 


Holding Mum's Hand


Father Peter visits his mother on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

See  Father Peter's Message for more details.

A note from Father Peter

Dear St. Joseph Parishioners,

I made it to NZ. I will spend ten days in a hotel dedicated to managed isolation. It will be a quiet time for prayer and reflection. Be assured you are all in my prayers. In a particular way, Deacon Steve, Karen, and Mark who passed away a few days ago. Thanks to you all for your prayers.

God bless,

Fr Peter

Travels to New Zealand



The beauty of our sacred spaces



Sunlit church


Sunday afternoon outreach



Thankful neighbors



Sunset before the Christmas Eve Mass


Giving hotdogs and hot chocolate outside the church

and door delivery for some of the elderly


Update from Mexico Day 3 and more. The last Mass, and the last descent.


The last sunrise.                                              Last day of mission.



Update from Mexico Day 2 - Walking the St. Joseph Way, Meditating on our Baptism by the water in the desert, a flower in the desert

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Update from Mexico - Day 1

St. Joseph parish in Cuatrociénegas, Mexico



  Mixed Bean Soup created for our neighbors by St. Joseph Girls Clubs


Light shines in St. Joseph




Beautiful Fall Day at St. Joseph




Inside the Pastor's Home

Working on the St. Joseph Outreach Ministry

Arrival of St. Joseph's Outreach Ministry Home

Our Blessed Mother at Night


"Jesus Christ You are My Life" Sung by the Carmelites Listen Here 

My last evening in California was blest by being with the Carmelites in Los Angeles for dinner. They invited the Legionaries for dinner, as they serve them regularly. Thank you Sisters for your vocations!



Joshua Pittman and Boy Scout Troop hard at work building the base and placing the Holy Family statue for Joshua’s Eagle Scout project. 


The Holy Family now graces our campus.





Flowers by the statue of Mary at the Monastery


Father Peter cooks a meal for the monks

A happy groundskeeper! Thanks Mike for all you do!


Father Peter visits fellow Legionaire Fr Matthew at St. Brendan's parish in Cummings GA

Where he briefly tours an exibit on the Shroud of Turin

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Our day off

Helping our neighbors

Beautiful moments

Troops of St. George camping trip at Bear Island


The Holy Spirit sending down the light that lightens our way

Father Daniel Pajerski blessing the Thursday Breakfast

Our newly painted statue of Mary overlooking the communters on Poole Road

Our beautiful church

Mary is Crowned for the month of May

Our Neighbors Coming for Support and Friendship



 A Visit to St. Leo in Tampa

See youtube videos on homepage: Pastor's Corner Videos

Men's Retreat at St. Joseph

Sunset on two special places on St. Joseph property



Action at the Parish

Consecration to Saint Joseph

We are beginning a discussion group which will follow Fr. Donald Calloway's book Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father for 33 days. Our first day was Sunday, April 11th and it is not too late to begin and catch-up. You will need to get the book. My book is on my kindle, but Lisa Piratzky can get a book for you from In His Name Catholic Book Store here in Raleigh. You can call the store and ask for Lisa. 

We had a brief meeting this past Sunday kicking off our discussion group. The next meeting is in St. Monica Hall on Thursday, April 15, 2021 @ 7:00 PM. You can join us there, and we are also offering a Zoom option at the same time on the same date. We will Zoom you right into our meeting in St. Monica Hall. If you want to do the Zoom option, reply to this email, or send a separate email to [email protected] and I'll make sure you receive the Zoom link. 

God bless you and keep you. And may you enjoy this journey with St. Joseph in the Year of St. Joseph!

Patsy Conley, 919-302-1660

[email protected]


Our Lord Crowned with Resurrection Flowers

Polish Blessing of Food with Deacon Steve on Holy Saturday

Late on Good Friday Night

Altar Guild - we are indebted to these ladies for all they do


The joyful blessing of a marriage

Hearts Open to Adoption

Open Hands and Hearts


Our newly painted statue

Legionary Community at Saint Joseph

From left to right: Fr. Nikola Derpich, Fr. Stephen Ellis, Fr. Joshua West, Fr. Steven Costello, and Fr. Peter Devereux

Saint Joseph Neighborhood Mission

Altar Server Retreat